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Learn Best Practices for Data Collaboration at RampUp: Worldwide Virtual Summit

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One bright spot in an ever-changing ecosystem, especially this year, is a heightened willingness for businesses to collaborate. We all know that data-driven marketers have broken down silos within their own organizations, and now we’re seeing bold leaders building new data partnerships outside their businesses, too.

Data collaboration can’t occur without trust based on a solid technical foundation adhering to consumer privacy protocols and grounded in data security and encryption. Such collaborations must also protect data owners’ economic rights. That’s why our LiveRamp Safe Haven sessions at the RampUp: Worldwide Virtual Summit include proven best practices for building trust, no matter where you are with your data collaboration strategy. Register for this free online event to learn from leading marketers and our product experts on how LiveRamp Safe Haven can be used to address your business needs.

Need further convincing? Here’s an overview of the Safe Haven topics we’re covering in the Innovation Studio at RampUp on Tuesday, September 29, 2020:

LiveRamp Safe Haven 101

8:30-9:15 AM PDT
Presentation and demo for digital marketing, advanced TV, data & analytics, technology, and publishing/media audiences
Besides introducing Safe Haven, this session presents a focused look at analytics and measurement from a collaborative perspective. Yes, we can all do queries on data, but how do we query in a collaborative way to generate meaningful insights in the shortest possible time? And how do we build strategic alignment from those insights within our organization so we can raise our ability to adapt to market threats and opportunities? We’ll answer these questions in a live demo so you can see Safe Haven in action.
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ATS: How Far We’ve Come, Where We’ll Go, and How to Build Your Addressability Strategy

8:30-9:15 AM PDT
Fireside Chat for Publishers and Media
This publisher-focused session will provide an update on the explosive expansion of our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) and post-cookie addressability, while also discussing how ATS complements Safe Haven solutions driven by RampID workflows.
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How to Build a Virtual CRM with Safe Haven

9:15-10:00 AM PDT
Presentation for digital marketing, advanced TV, data & analytics, technology, and publishing/media audiences
This session shows how Safe Haven can help organizations with limited first-party data enhance their consumer data, activate their audiences with help from collaborative partners who share key segments, and apply measurement strategies across digital and TV channels.
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Build Trusted Data Partnerships with LiveRamp Safe Haven

10:00-10:45 AM PDT
Presentation for digital marketing, advanced TV, data & analytics, technology, and publishing/media audiences
This session takes the collaborative approach even farther, looking at key business interactions that effectively solve some of the most challenging problems for marketing measurement. Through client experiences and partnership category frameworks, we present the Safe Haven vision for maximizing the utility of our collaborations with the appropriate business guardrails. Attendees will learn about key use cases leveraged by many of our current Safe Haven clients.
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LiveRamp Safe Haven for Data Scientists

11:00-11:45 AM PDT
Presentation for data and analytics teams
This session provides a technical overview of the Analytic Environment for LiveRamp Safe Haven. Come learn about the applications and tools available to analysts and data scientists.
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Controlled & Conscientious Use of TV Data in a Secure Environment

12:00-12:45 PM PDT
Presentation and Panel Discussion for advanced TV advertisers
TV continues its evolution with buyers and sellers exploring more options to collaborate and measure cross-screen impact. Today’s MVPDs and brands are exploring Safe Haven as a means to securely collaborate in a privacy-conscious way to enable seamless cross-screen experiences and confidently measure ROAS.
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If you want to get in touch with the LiveRamp Safe Haven team, email [email protected].