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A Revolution is Brewing in B2B Advertising with LiveRamp and Radius

November 3, 2017  |   LiveRamp

As a marketer in B2B advertising, you know that feeling. You’ve created an insightful piece of content— informed by experience, bolstered by research, and crafted with care—and when the time comes to share it with your high-value prospects, you send it to them in an email.


And then you send it again, perhaps by targeting them in a popular social channel, hoping you can reach them.

You know those channels cover a portion of the customer journey, but you’d like to engage across a fuller spectrum. And to be frank, there aren’t too many other options.

Until now.

There’s a revolution brewing in B2B advertising which gives marketers an opportunity to break out of the box. And that opportunity is people-based marketing for B2B advertisers.

Obtaining reach and precision for B2B audiences on B2C channels

There’s a huge world of B2C digital advertising where marketers can reach prospects and customers across the many touch points in their journey. Advertisers engage people on social and consumer platforms, publishers of all kinds, advanced TV, and across devices. This is known as people-based marketing and leading marketers have embraced it with great success.

However, this rich world of addressable audiences has been inaccessible for most  marketers in B2B advertising. The stumbling block has been low match rates between B2B contact information and the ecosystem of digital marketing. This has prevented B2B marketers from reaching their high-value audiences with precision at scale.

This long-standing problem has been addressed by Radius and LiveRamp. By leveraging Radius’ Network of Record™ and LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™, a bridge has been built that delivers reach and precision for B2B advertisers in B2C channels. This is revolutionary for B2B marketers.

How can this capability be deployed?

When you engage with Radius, you can offer customer data that leads to insights and audience building. These audiences can then be activated across traditional B2B channels, and now B2C channels as well, leveraging the high match rates and LiveRamp IdentityLink’s connections to the entire adtech ecosystem.

Whatever way you choose to segment, you can now reach business prospects across more touch points, including channels such as:

  • Social and consumer platforms
  • Major publishers’ newsletters
  • Streaming music platforms
  • Major publications and news sites
  • Websites targeting specific interests

To learn more, watch the live stream on Wednesday, November 8, from 9:15–10:15am PT, featuring Radius CEO and cofounder, Darian Shirazi, and LiveRamp co-CEO, Anneka Gupta, as they discuss the breakthrough capabilities this partnership offers.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about how IdentityLink can reach your B2B audiences in the B2C world.