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LiveRamp Partnership with Rocket Fuel

This was originally written and published by Rocket Fuel. In today’s connected world, marketers face the challenge of reaching consumers through myriad devices and across countless consumer channels like social media, email, web browsing and video streaming. In addition to all of this, businesses are expected to provide smarter, seamless marketing experiences, regardless of device ...

LiveRamp Partner Spotlight with DataLab Digital Advertising

For our series on 1-to-1 marketing best practices, we reached out to Alex Aigner, COO at DataLab Digital Advertising, to learn more about how they leverage custom predictive models to boost new customer acquisition efforts. Can you give a brief overview of DataLab? We’re an addressable marketing consultancy that specializes in improving the data and targeting ...
LiveRamp Partner Spotlight

Six Quick 1-to-1 Marketing Tips from Eyeview

We sat down with Brian Pozesky, Chief Product Officer at Eyeview, to discuss their best practices for using data to implement more effective 1-to-1 marketing campaign strategies in video ads. Eyeview has solved the challenge of taking the personalized data-driven methodology you love and applying it to video. With its groundbreaking 1-to-1 video marketing technology, ...

1-to-1 Marketing Best Practices from Monetate

For our series on best practices for using data to improve 1-to-1 marketing strategies, we reached out to Nathan Richter, Sr. Director of Strategy and Insights at Monetate, to learn more about website and mobile optimization: What kind of improvements have you seen for companies who personalize audience segments or even individual consumers? It's ...

Conversations with the CEO of Drawbridge

[Editor’s note: We recently sat down with Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, CEO and Founder of Drawbridge, to get her thoughts on the future of marketing. This blog is a compilation of those conversations. Kamakshi will be on the main stage speaking at #RampUp16!] From your perspective, what will be some of the biggest challenges facing the adtech ...

How Real-Time Data Will Impact Personalization and Targeting in 2016

[Editor’s note: We recently sat down with Kurt Abrahamson, CEO of ShareThis, who will be speaking at #RampUp16. This blog is a compilation of those conversations. ] How is social sharing reshaping the way marketers strategize? Sharing data flows in real-time as people share about current events and discover new content of interest. It ...