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Acxiom Completes LiveRamp Acquisition

I’m excited to announce that LiveRamp is now officially part of the Acxiom family. I invite you to read today’s blog post by Acxiom CEO, Scott Howe in addition to the press release. So what’s changing? Very little. We remain committed to operating a neutral onboarding service that benefits all members of the marketing ecosystem. I’m ...

LiveRamp 2013 in Review, 2014 Update

LiveRamp had an incredible year in 2013.  By every measure, we are succeeding at our goal of powering the quickly-growing onboarding industry. This summary will touch on our 2013 growth, and our plans for 2014 and beyond.  

LiveRamp grew over 130% year-over-year

LiveRamp onboards customer data into marketing applications.  We started doing this three years ago ...