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Customer Story: How Casey’s Boosts Personalization and Efficiency through LiveRamp + Salesforce Genie

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Salesforce Integrations: Casey’s & LiveRamp ATS

On the heels of our recent integration announcement with Salesforce Genie, we’re delighted to share positive results from Casey’s, an Iowa-based convenience store chain, which uses the LiveRamp Distribution App through the Appexchange. Through this integration, Casey’s has been able to activate their media plans more efficiently than ever before, thanks to the brand’s new turnkey access to RampID destinations and ATS inventory right in Genie.

An Authentication Solution for Marketing Efficiency

To share their story, we spoke with Ali Serck, Senior Guest Acquisition Specialist at Casey’s, who is in charge of acquisition and retention for key business initiatives, including all subscriber channels, Casey’s loyalty program, and online and in-store transactions:

1. How does Casey’s media strategy work?

Casey’s has more than 2,400 stores across 16 states. We’re focused on delivering personalized, omnichannel messaging across our broad, geographically dispersed customer base. We prioritize understanding our guests’ current needs and state to determine the best strategy, channel, and messaging to drive value. 

2. How is your team organized?

We have teams set up to extend our data-driven strategy across channels and optimize for campaign-specific execution.

3. What are the core components of your Mar Tech and adtech stack that you rely on to activate, measure, and optimize your media strategy?

Salesforce CDP houses our unified guest data—online and offline. We utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud to activate messaging in owned channels and partner with LiveRamp to onboard our first-party data for off-site activation.

4. What compelled you to use our integration with Salesforce Genie? What were you looking to achieve?

Utilizing the new integration with Salesforce Genie will significantly increase our efficiency from insight to action and give our marketers the ability to swiftly activate our first-party data.

5. Tell us about your goals for the first campaigns you’re running that leverage the LiveRamp Distribution app in Salesforce Genie—what are you looking to achieve that you were not able to before?  

We’ve taken the next step to empower our marketers to work with reduced technical complexity. This new functionality will streamline execution and create efficiencies for our teams—we’re looking forward to achieving in hours what used to take several business days. One of our always-on campaigns focuses on accelerating rewards acquisition and reaching the right audience to increase pizza sales. Compounded over days and quarters, the time savings is significant, even if you just look at one campaign. 

6. Given these efficiency gains, what’s next on your list to tackle? What do you now have bandwidth for that you didn’t before?

We’re looking forward to optimizing our media strategies more frequently and knowing that we are truly delivering the always-on experiences our customers desire. What’s exciting is that these efficiencies don’t just benefit our team, but also the cross-functional counterparts we relied on for activation, so it’s definitely a win-win situation internally at Casey’s. 

Kudos to the team at Casey’s in finding new ways to work smarter—not harder—by making better use of their first-party data and a core component of their Mar Tech stack through Salesforce and LiveRamp.

Are you interested in reducing technical complexity and increasing efficiencies for your team? Learn more about our partnership here or reach out to [email protected] for more information.