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LiveRamp Announces IdentityLink for Agencies

October 25, 2017  |   LiveRamp

Agencies play a critical role in advancing the marketing discipline. Through their breadth of client experience across every category, they’re well positioned to help brands tackle their biggest challenge yet: omnichannel orchestration. That’s why I can’t be more excited about the launch of IdentityLink for agencies.

It’s been a year since we launched IdentityLink for brands and started the movement of people-based marketing everywhere. And that movement has grown, with more brands and technology platforms that support them prioritizing and investing in omnichannel, people-centric capabilities. Now with IdentityLink for agencies, which helps agencies plan, buy, and measure people-based advertising, all of the key players are enabled to build on the momentum and fulfill the vision of better advertising that delivers better customer experiences.

“We’re all-in with people-centric marketing and hang our proverbial hat ​on putting the customer at the center of planning, targeting, measurement, and analysis,” said Dustin Engel, GM, Advanced Media Team, Analytics and Data Science at PMG. “LiveRamp IdentityLink allows us to integrate the massive breadth of top-funnel media with the benefit of a holistic, people-based plan. PMG and LiveRamp are a natural fit.”

Agencies like PMG are using marketing technology to evolve and tackle bigger and more complex brand marketer challenges, from moving beyond performance to business outcomes to helping to create a single view of the customer and understanding the omnichannel customer journey. To a great degree, this evolution requires a solid data foundation from which agencies can build increasingly robust marketing campaigns with measurable results.

“Often times, brands sit on a treasure trove of customer data they collected over time, but do not have a means to extract the full value out of this data privately and securely,” said Ashton Gary, director of enterprise partnerships at Goodway. “LiveRamp IdentityLink helps us solve this issue for our clients by enabling audience segmentation, prospecting, and suppression based on key attributes like purchase history, while preserving customer anonymity. IdentityLink also helps brands better tailor their messages to create more effective 1-to-1 conversations with customers and prospects. As a result, IdentityLink has become a staple for key clients, delivering a 10x increase in ROI over previous tactics.”

Agencies on the cutting edge of digital marketing are investing in universal ID solutions that make people-based planning, media buying, and measurement at scale possible.

All this is made possible by IdentityLink for agencies – the starting point for agencies moving toward an ultimate goal of omnichannel marketing orchestration.

What is IdentityLink for Agencies?

IdentityLink is the first solution to allow agencies to orchestrate omnichannel campaigns by applying people-based targeting and measurement in their technology platforms of choice, as well as accessing and integrating thousands of cross-device data sets. These capabilities enable agencies to support marketers’ growing interest in people-based marketing — 84% of marketers want to unify their people-based marketing strategies across all digital channels.

With the latest launch of IdentityLink, agencies can build innovative products and services for clients on top of LiveRamp’s deterministic identity resolution capabilities.

“LiveRamp’s IdentityLink is an integral part of our open data stack,” said Saqib Mausoof, Chief Data Strategist at IPG Mediabrands. “It will continue to improve our data strategy and execution, driving business performance on behalf of our clients.”

IdentityLink will also enable agencies to:

  • Execute people-based planning, buying, and measurement for any client regardless of their technology stack
  • Better manage consumer reach and frequency across channels
  • Enrich people-based audiences with data from more than 120 unique providers
  • Grow in-house expertise in people-based marketing by becoming a certified partner

Who is Already Using IdentityLink for Agencies?

Many leading agencies are already offering IdentityLink directly to their clients and seeing the value:Getting Started

At LiveRamp, we’re thrilled about all the opportunities IdentityLink can create for your agency. We take a tailored approach to each agency to customize a solution that best meets their business and client needs, whether on a brand-by-brand basis or an agency-wide, enterprise level. We’re here to help, and are committed to your success.

Contact us today and get started with LiveRamp, or read our press release.