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AdWeek Webinar Recap: Rewrite Your TV Measurement Strategy

  • - LiveRamp
  • 1 min read

On Dec 8th, AdWeek hosted the webinar, “Rewrite Your TV Measurement Strategy,” featuring Christine Grammier, Managing Director, Strategic Growth at LiveRamp, and Ryan Willson, Principal Analyst, Digital MediaBuying & Analytics at Liberty Mutual. 

During the session Christine and Ryan spoke at length about advertisers needing to move beyond traditional TV measurement and embrace new solutions and metrics in order to develop and activate a more effective cross-screen advertising strategy. 

In this first clip, Ryan explains that consumer behavior has changed. TV advertisers need to think about the different touch points and devices that video is streamed on in order to create a seamless user experience.

For Liberty Mutual, understanding frequency and exposure metrics has unlocked a tremendous amount of power.

More real-time access to data and metrics that accurately reflect consumer behavior enables advertisers to activate more nimbly. In this last clip, Ryan shares the struggles of the past, and current opportunities. 

Has your interest been piqued? Check out the full session now. Want to get in touch to discuss cross-screen measurement strategies? Reach out to [email protected].