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Why Do You Need Advanced ABM Measurement?

  • - Rene Asis
  • 2 min read

To fully understand and leverage the benefits of account-based marketing (ABM), you need to know how you’re reaching your target accounts and customers—and conversely, how they’re reaching you. 

A B2B customer journey has a multitude of touch points, often involving a buying committee. Sometimes, the journey could even be from multiple companies. In this example of a customer journey for B2B, you may notice some touch points as blind spots. Advanced B2B measurement is designed to help marketers uncover parts of the journey they were unaware of, or further expand on multiple journeys, so they can be seen as one.

A comprehensive view of marketing engagements with your customers will inform and optimize your campaigns to create a more seamless customer experience. See if your current B2B measurement capabilities can deliver on these points: 

    • Analyze your campaign performance based on target audience and accounts. Are you able to isolate and measure how accounts, audience, or persona are performing against your campaign efforts? This will help you see what’s working—and conversely, pivot from what’s not. Advanced B2B measurement can help you understand each touch point and element of the customer journey. See how your targeted accounts contribute to the sales pipeline through touch points, or how creative and messaging resonate with your audiences and accounts.
    • See cross-channel account-level performance. Is your current measurement tool looking at one channel at a time or reviewing the performance of creative, messaging, and audience across all channels? Seeing performance across all channels will enable you to optimize your campaign tactics and track how it influences upper- and mid-funnel engagement.
    • Discover lead opportunities and revenue contribution. Advanced B2B measurement can provide insights into touch points previously unaccounted for that are actually impacting revenue. Uncovering these insights will help customers get a complete view of the customer journey to make the necessary adjustments to ensure each touch point counts.

Avoid disparate touch points with a holistic approach to your measurement with an advanced B2B measurement solution. If you’re interested in exploring advanced B2B measurement solutions with LiveRamp B2B, reach out to [email protected]