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How IdentityLink Works for People-Based Targeting

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  • 2 min read

Pulling off cross-channel people-based marketing is a technical feat. And diving into it will show you how IdentityLink works.

To achieve a complete view of every customer, you need to break down long-established silos and bring disparate data sets together through identity resolution.

But the technical challenges shouldn’t overshadow the outcomes you’re aiming for. There are hundreds of ultra-practical use cases that people-based targeting is great for, and you need to keep them in focus.

We’ve created a guide to help you do just that. Grab 300 Ways To Do People-Based Marketing now.  

In the meantime, here are three examples to whet your appetite, and show you how IdentityLink works for people-based targeting.

Target Your Customers Based on Past Purchases

This is a perfect example of a new spin on an old marketing tactic. Take car parts and servicing – a tried-and-tested tactic. Email and direct mail are table stakes here. But what if you could reach customers over display, search, and social channels with ads that are localized and personalized based on model ownership and dealer service area? Well now you can – take a look.

Match your ads to your customers’ wheels

Keep Irrelevant Ads Off Your Customers’ TVs

Smart targeting isn’t just about what you show. Sometimes, what you don’t show is just as important. You wouldn’t want to waste your media spend showing a customer something they’ve already bought. And you definitely wouldn’t want to commit awkward ad fails like sending deals meant for a prospect to a long-term customer.

How to stop your customers from seeing deals for newbies

Learn Which TV Shows Your Customers are Binging

You probably have a good idea of the kinds of shows your best prospects and customers are watching. But do you know for sure?

Say you’re a bank that issues credit cards. With IdentityLink for TV, you can combine credit card applicant data with TV viewership data – so you can see what your highest-value customers are watching, and optimize your TV ad spend to better reach them.

Take a Closer Look

Learn how you can put these tactics—and about 297 more—into practice across industries like automotive, retail, CPG, financial services, media/entertainment, technology/telecommunications, and travel.

Read 300 Ways To Do People-Based Marketing now.