Accurate Offline Transaction Measurement from Adometry, Powered by LiveRamp

Marketing Innovation

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Accurate Offline Transaction Measurement from Adometry, Powered by LiveRamp

Marketing Innovation

Adometry, powered by LiveRamp’s data onboarding service, enables brands to pinpoint the effectiveness of their online marketing spend on offline transactions. LiveRamp onboards the transaction data to Adometry. Adometry then analyzes these identified customers and maps the main points of a customer’s purchase timeline, from first contact all the way through to point of sale.

The result is a complete snapshot of the customer’s journey, opening up a host of opportunities. The brand can run an attribution model to determine the return on investment of the marketing campaign using online and offline data. They can also run advanced attribution analysis and answer vague questions like campaign effectiveness with concrete data.

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Listen to the webinar presented by LiveRamp and Adometry Detailing Cross-Channel Attribution powered by Data Onboarding

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Excerpt: Understand the Impact of Online Marketing on Offline Conversions

The rise of digital marketing has drastically expanded the marketer’s toolkit, providing tremendous opportunity to connect with target audiences in new ways. Digital marketing channels offer a wealth of granular data, allowing advertisers to gather more information than ever before about the entire customer journey from discovery to conversion. However, while online purchases capture a greater percentage of 0% overall spending year to year, offline purchases continue to drive the lion’s share of revenue formany businesses. Unfortunately, offline and online purchase data is typically silo-ed, making it difficult to understand which advertising touch points truly influenced conversions.

So how do advertisers determine which marketing messages were the most compelling or which channels produced the best returns?


Download the whitepaper to explore the potential of data onboarding for attribution analysis