4 New Ways Smart Marketers Are Using Smart Targeting

Marketing Innovation

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4 New Ways Smart Marketers Are Using Smart Targeting

Marketing Innovation

While 94% of marketers agree that optimizing the customer experience improves engagement and conversions, less than half of all marketers believe they have the data and technology integration needed for cross-channel initiatives such as targeting, engagement, and measurement.

We know we can be smarter about cross-channel marketing, but we may not be sure how to begin or what some of the best practices are.

One suggestion?

Smart targeting, otherwise known as a way to allow marketers to provide consumers with complimentary offers across digital ads, email, and even websites.

So what are some of the ways to target key audiences across channels with consistent, relevant offers? How do you measure your success?

#1 – Start it up.  

Maybe you are already in the process of gathering the right data and tools to create integrated cross-channel campaigns. Don’t forget the crucial ingredient of any smart targeting recipe—the human component.

Your ticket to the perfect meal? Cooperation across all the teams who play a role in creating a relevant customer journey.

To keep things simple, try trialing a targeting campaign by working closely with one internal team. We suggest your CRM/database peers. Working with them to bring their offline data online will enable smarter targeting at the get-go.

For example, you will be able to target brick-and-mortar consumers geographically for a new store opening, or test a new product upsell campaign with current customers.

If you are dealing with siloed data and teams, stay tuned for our next blog on ways to improve your data and tech integration. After putting into place some of the target ideas below, share your results with other teams and leverage learnings to create better targeting and optimization in every channel.

#2 – Insist on a unified view.

In order to reach the same consumers across channels and devices, you have to first connect a consumer to his/her devices.

Technologies exist (hint, hint) that will match the customer data you already have to the online devices your customers use (in a secure, privacy-first manner). Once this customer data is properly onboarded, you will have the ability to distribute these customer segments to the marketing platforms and publishers you use and you’ll be one step closer to even smarter targeting.

Now you can do things like configure your customer marketing efforts so that each audience segment sees consistent offers and content, and you can also distribute the same segments to each of your preferred partners.

#3 – Test customer-centric targeting tactics.

With a process in place for smarter targeting using customer data, you can connect with customers and prospects in new ways.

  • To acquire new customers who look like your best current customers, onboard segments utilizing the attributes of your own proven segments to create more accurate look-alike models. To improve efficiency, once prospects convert, remove them from your acquisition campaign to conserve your budget and reduce brand fatigue
  • For your brick-and-mortar customers, use your onboarded CRM data to create online campaigns with compelling offers, such as offers for in-store only sales
  • For your new customers, target them with relevant upsell offers related to the products they just purchased
  • For new visitors or current customers who visit your website, show them customized content to create a seamless experience. If they didn’t purchase or if they abandoned their cart, retarget them with onboarded CRM-based data to improve chances of conversion
  • To create cross-channel consistency for a particular segment, run campaigns tailored for each segment using dynamic creative optimization
  • In loyalty campaigns, leverage customer attributes to tally “points” to target loyal segments with unique offers
  • For customers you haven’t talked to in a while, you may want to re-engage with them, especially if they have opted out of email and direct mail, by alternatively reaching them with relevant online offers

At LiveRamp, we have customers in retail, travel, auto, and financial services leading the way in customer-centric targeting. Read the Forrester Consulting on The Total Economic Impact™ Of LiveRamp Connect to learn more about how brands are getting a 2.5x increase in new customer sales, a 5% sales lift in digital campaigns, and a 10% increase in the efficiency of digital marketing budget by doing things like smart targeting!

#4 – Test, measure, organize.

Now that you are testing various campaign tactics, analyzing the results, and sharing successes with cross-team members, you’ll have the opportunity to create the kind of culture where these tactics are rewarded with results!

Historically, optimization has focused on individual tactics.

But to be truly customer-centric is to focus more on the overall customer experience across channels and optimize the journey.

As you continue to get more organized to share data and wins across teams, collaborating on new tests and campaign ideas will happen naturally, making everyone smarter.

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