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21 Things You Might Have Missed from LiveRamp in 2021

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A lot happened in 2021 and with that, it’s likely you might have missed some great, and perhaps essential, content that could jump-start your success in 2022. We’ve put together the 21 of the most popular LiveRamp blog posts, e-books, webinars, and news from 2021 for you to catch up on.  

  1. The 5 Minute Guide to Retail Media Networks – One in eight digital ad dollars will go to advertising on e-commerce properties, proving that retail media networks (RMNs) are the next big thing to happen to advertising since open exchanges. Download our guide to learn more about the $100 billion opportunity waiting for retailers.
  2. The Renaissance of Digital Advertising – Changes in digital advertising will have a long-lasting impact on all members of the ecosystem. Download this e-book to learn more about what’s changed, why the need to double-down on first-party data, the future of identity and addressability, and why authenticated people-based identity is the gold standard
  3. Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of LiveRamp 2021 – To measure the ROI of our clients using ATS, LiveRamp commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study that measures the business benefits of implementing LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution. Spoiler alert: advertisers who use LiveRamp’s solution in place of third-party cookies can achieve 343% ROI over three years, with payback within only six months of initial investment.
  4. How Retailers and CPGs Can Secure Powerful Data Collaboration Relationships – Carrefour shares how they meet heightened customer expectations and build loyalty through better intelligence. Learn how legacy challenges with data collaboration can be turned into opportunities with the right data foundation, powered by LiveRamp Safe Haven.
  5. Retail Media in Action: The Path to Next-Generation Data Collaboration – In this video, learn how retailers can ensure a competitive advantage through data strategies, unlocking new revenue streams and providing opportunities to collaborate with partners safely and securely.
  6. Winterberry Group Predicts a New Era of Data Collaboration – Winterberry Group predicted that 2021 (and beyond) would bring a surge in collaborative data solutions and collaboration across and within companies, both in the U.S. and in Europe.
  7. Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud – LiveRamp has a podcast. In each episode, we explore challenges marketers and businesses face when trying to innovate and grow amidst heightened consumer awareness of the role technology and data play in their lives.
  8. Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning: Split Learning and Privacy Attacks – This tech talk explores split learning, a new method for training a modular deep neural network where each module lives in a data silo while upholding quantifiable standards for privacy and security. It also dives into the privacy implications of training and releasing the model, including common privacy attacks and general use cases for federated analytics.
  9. Overcoming the Fragmented TV Ecosystem – In this video, experts from Scripps Networks, Philo, XUMO, and LiveRamp TV explain why holistic media buying and selling for today’s TV campaigns and fragmented viewership requires cross-screen activation, how advertisers can activate across channels based on best-in-class identity and empower cross-screen measurement and attribution, and how identity-powered audiences can enable more efficient household targeting across devices and channels.
  10. Fox: Activating and Measuring Audiences in TV Effectively – Darren Sherriff, VP, Advertising Technology Solutions at Fox Networks Group, a recognized leader in television broadcasting, explains his partnership with LiveRamp to help merge subscribers from addressable distributors with Fox viewer data for activation and measurement.
  11. Next-Gen Identity: LiveRamp Portrait Engine Overview – By investing in customer intelligence with a data-agnostic approach, brands will be able to generate customer profiles with identity at the core, complete with customer attributes. That’s where LiveRamp Portrait Engine comes in. In this replay, you’ll learn about LiveRamp’s Portrait Engine, next-generation best practices for building a first-party data strategy, why a full customer profile is more than an identifier, and generating holistic customer views to activate on and create better experiences.
  12. Made In: Activating First-Party Data – This video customer story features Chip Malt, CEO and Co-Founder at Made In, a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer cookware company, explaining how he partners with LiveRamp to activate their first-party data and discover new audiences—taking them from diminishing results to tasty returns on their advertising investments.
  13. Growth Drivers for Publishers in 2021: A Discussion with NBCUniversal – In this podcast, Ryan McConville, EVP, Ad Platforms & Operations for NBCUniversal, discusses data-driven activation and measurement and key drivers for better customer experiences.
  14. Build Better Connections for a Better Future: Introducing – We launched a new site in 2021 that harnesses the time, talent, and treasure across our company and ecosystem to build better connections for a better future. Read the blog and check out the site!
  15. Danone Increases Addressable Reach by 34% and E-Commerce Sales by 17% – Danone, a global leader in food and beverages, needed to strengthen its consumer intelligence to sharpen its media strategy and boost ROI. Learn more in this detailed case study.
  16. Introducing LiveRamp’s First Annual DIB Report – With the fundamentals of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in place, we created our first annual report to create greater accountability, not just with our employees but also with our customers and partners. Check out our DIB report to see how we’re tracking across a number of metrics.
  17. The Path to First-Party Data Is First-Party Relationships – It’s important to understand the distinction between first-party relationships and first-party data. There is nothing more valuable for a brand or publisher than providing the experiences consumers expect and welcome.
  18. LiveRamp Joins Carrefour’s Digital Day 2021: The Future of Data Collaboration in Retail – In this blog and video, Warren Jenson, President of LiveRamp, shares how LiveRamp is helping Carrefour become the global leader in data and retail media.
  19. LiveRamp Launches Enhanced TV Platform With Support from Innovid, E.W. Scripps Company, Publica, Philo, Plex, Univision, and Dish – An exciting announcement about new capabilities that enable brands, programmers, and sell-side CTV platforms to plan, forecast, activate, quantify, and collaborate across all TV inventory types.
  20. Adweek Webinar Recap: How Data Collaboration Changes the Way CPGs Do Business – Check out this webinar recap highlighting Hill’s Pet Nutrition and how they are architecting innovative data collaborations at scale through retail media networks and keeping customer experience at the core of conversations
  21. LiveRamp Enters into Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud to Enable Identity in the Cloud – In this press release, learn why our partnership combines the power of identity with the power of the cloud to unlock advanced customer intelligence and maximize privacy and security controls.

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