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What’s New at LiveRamp

It was an action-packed spring and summer here at LiveRamp. Check out a summary of our most recent happenings and future engagements for the fall. You can also subscribe to this blog for the latest LiveRamp news and updates. Welcome, Data Plus Math to the LiveRamp team! In late June, we welcomed Data Plus Math […]

An Overview of CCPA and Implications for Marketers

Did you know that the motto of the state of California is “Eureka?” Translated from the Greek word meaning “I have found it,” many believe it refers to the discovery of gold in the 1840s, resulting in a rush of hundreds of thousands of migrants who flocked to the region, eager to find their fortunes. […]

Leveraging Third-Party Data on Social Media Platforms

For data-driven marketers, a well-rounded campaign strategy involves being able to reach your target audience wherever they may browse. Based on a recent study, consumers spend an average of two hours a day on social media — that’s time allotted where you may be able to reach consumers when they’re most engaged. But engaging with […]

Why Open and Neutral Identity (Still) Matters

Recent news headlines speak to tremendous change, complexity, and some uncertainty within our ecosystem. The industry playing field has never been more unlevel as internet behemoths continue to grow at the expense of competition, neutrality, and entrepreneurship. At the root of the challenge is that decisions are being made based on self-interest, rather than prioritizing […]

Activate and Optimize Your Media Plan through Onboarding

So you’ve gone out and amassed huge amounts of data (with permission, of course). Now what?  Yes, first-party data is critical to have, but on its own, it’s kind of like being all dressed up with nowhere to go. You’re no better off having that data than you were before you had it. To drive […]

LiveRamp New Partnership Showcase: Ovative and Fluent

At LiveRamp, not only are we constantly adding new platforms, data providers, and publishers to our people-based marketing network, but we’re always deepening and evolving existing relationships to bring you new people-based solutions. We’re excited to showcase our newest partners and the new features available with our existing partners. Read on for the newest data […]