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Launching Authenticated Traffic Solution to Democratize People-Based Identity for Publishers

The publishing business has changed tremendously in the last decade. Readership patterns, and degraded business models have disintermediated many publishers from their readers. The effects of these changes are currently amplified by poorly crafted legislation, unilateral policy changes by browsers, and consumer engagement shifting to new formats. We believe it is every publisher’s right to […]

Data-Driven Marketing: Leveraging the Power of Data to Achieve Marketing Goals

Recently, I had the pleasure of participating on a panel at the Criteo Commerce Forum. I had a great discussion with Criteo’s Vice President of Global Strategic Initiatives, Tim Rogers; and DICK’s Sporting Goods’ Manager of Digital Media, Bill Noel, about collaboration across the industry and how brands can work with best-of-breed platforms to achieve […]

Identity Resolution and the Changing Ecosystem

It’s no secret—the martech and adtech industries are becoming incredibly complex to navigate. In an ever-changing ecosystem, marketers and advertisers are continually playing catch-up with the latest shifts in platform and technologies. With so many disparate pieces to the puzzle, integrating across media, technology, and systems of record is even more critical to creating people-based […]

Four Signs TV & Digital are Converging & What to do About it

Let’s recap what we’ve learned recently on the future of TV: linear real estate is shrinking (and getting more expensive) and advertisers must therefore be more strategic with their ad dollars. Still not convinced that TV and digital are converging? Here are four signs: How we watch TV now: The biggest sign that TV and […]

How CPGs Can Raise the Bar for Meaningful Customer Experiences

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands have learned a hard lesson in recent years—you can’t just look at your own industry to benchmark your customer experience anymore. Digital disruptors like Netflix and Amazon have trained consumers to expect individualized and relevant recommendations at every turn.   While CPGs have not focused heavily on consumer engagement, instead […]