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Announcing LiveRamp AbiliTec

Since I started working on AbiliTec™ over a decade ago, I’ve watched the marketing industry evolve. Although the core of marketing hasn’t changed much, the industry has changed significantly with new technology and the explosion of data and digital. Now marketers are trying to get back to the heart of their craft by understanding the […]

DMEXCO 2018 Top Three Takeaways

Guten morgen! After a whirlwind couple of days in Cologne, Germany, we’re back from DMEXCO 2018. Below are my top three takeaways. 1. Measurement reigns. The easiest way to demonstrate the need for change is comparing old measurement against new measurement. Old measurement is often tied to media metrics like CPM, CPC, etc. and not […]

Data Monetization Step Three: Ethical use of data and building trust

[This blog is the third of our five-part series on data monetization. To read the previous post, click here.] So you’ve differentiated your data enough to get a marketer’s interest, and worked with an identity resolution provider to ensure accuracy. Now, take a step back for a moment and consider: is your data set really […]

Customer‑Centric Marketing Solutions with Identity Resolution

Today’s consumers truly are in the driver’s seat. With so many touchpoints and channels, brands need to make sure each interaction is perfectly tailored or risk missing the opportunity to make a sale. If you’re a marketer, you’re probably already aware of the increasing complexity of the ecosystem. You still require the ability to reach, […]