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How Does LiveRamp Onboarding Work?

We have a unique philosophy and approach to data onboarding. It’s not just about bringing offline data online. It’s about bringing siloed first-, second-, and third-party data together in a privacy-conscious manner and then resolving it to a single persistent identifier called an IdentityLink. Here’s how we do it: Let’s say you’re a retailer that […]

How to Build a People-Based Marketing Team for Measurement

Marketing is an exciting field because there’s no shortage of things to do and ideas to implement. This can make staffing a challenge, however, especially when you enter the realm of people-based marketing. Many marketing leaders in this arena struggle to figure out how to build their people-based marketing teams to connect with consumers in […]

How IdentityLink Works for People-Based Targeting

Pulling off cross-channel people-based marketing is a technical feat. And diving into it will show you how IdentityLink works. To achieve a complete view of every customer, you need to break down long-established silos and bring disparate data sets together through identity resolution. But the technical challenges shouldn’t overshadow the outcomes you’re aiming for. There […]

How to use first- and third-party data on Facebook

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook has been making some changes. And if you haven’t, well, they’re updating their policies around how you’re able to use your first- and third-party data in their environment. These changes might have you feeling nervous and wonder, how will this impact my work? How can I make sure my data […]

Data Monetization Step 2: Adopting an Identity Resolution Service

[This blog is the second of our five-part series on data monetization. To read the first post, click here.] The tough thing about using data in marketing is actually reaching the person. Consumers constantly change as their lives evolve—with each job and each new address, with marriage and children, as new devices and platforms emerge. […]

3 Ways Marketers Can Utilize Data-Driven Ad Spend in Upfronts

[Editor’s note: This article has been reposted with permission from AdWeek. View the original article here.] During last year’s Upfronts, NBCUniversal put a $1 billion dollar stake in the ground on using granular data to buy TV ads. It placed $1 billion worth of inventory for sale using its Audience Symphony platform, which includes information […]