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A World Without Walls

As our clients and partners know, ethical practices for data sourcing, use, and governance have been among Acxiom’s core strengths throughout our nearly 50-year history. We have a track record of setting internal standards above and beyond current laws and regulations and have always been a vocal advocate for consumer rights and protections. In recent […]

Four Burning Questions You Have about the Advertising ID Consortium (and the Answers)

A packed house greeted Andrew Casale, CEO & President of Index Exchange; Brian O’Kelley, CEO & Co-Founder of AppNexus; and Thibaut Munier, CEO of Numberly, who spoke on the RampUp18 panel, A Collaborative Look into the Future: the Advertising ID Consortium: The Advertising ID Consortium is made up of a group of marketing tech platforms […]

Data Privacy and People-Based Marketing: Q&A with Emily Chi

Marketing is complex, and building increasingly sophisticated tech stacks and data partnerships have become table stakes for marketers just looking to keep up. As a result, many are rightly becoming increasingly cautious about consumer privacy and associated laws and regulations: a recent Forrester study found that one of the biggest obstacles to adopting new and […]

How Marketers are Adopting People-Based Marketing—and How They’re Not

Today’s marketers are in a bit of a pickle. On one hand, they need to be everywhere their customers are and readily adopt new channels. On the other hand, they need to bring all of their data and touchpoints together to understand their customer journey and create better experiences. Bridging these two challenges isn’t easy, […]

LiveRamp Extends IdentityLink to TV

Today, we’re excited to announce that LiveRamp has extended its IdentityLink™ platform to TV. Brands, agencies, programmers, and technology platforms can now execute people-based TV at scale. Introducing IdentityLink for TV LiveRamp’s IdentityLink™ for TV connects customer-based identities across channels by linking advertiser data with trusted third-party and TV viewership data. For the first time, brands, agencies, […]

Solving the Sales and Marketing Culture Clash

This blog was originally posted on Read the full post here. When marketing and sales don’t see eye to eye, businesses suffer. Companies waste at least $1 trillion annually on ineffective marketing efforts and decreased sales productivity. Sales teams ignore 80 percent of marketing leads. It’s one thing to talk about this misalignment. It’s […]