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Holiday Shoppers: A Webinar Recap on 3 Tips To Delight Them

Fall is here, and while many may welcome cooler weather, this kicks off the annual countdown to the holidays. According to the NRF, the amount holiday shoppers spend can represent as much as 30% of annual sales for the retail industry. It’s crunch time. LiveRamp recently invited Forrester analyst Michelle Beeson, who serves eBusiness and […]

6 Ways CMOs Can Harness Second-Party Data in a Marketing Strategy

[Editor’s note: This article has been reposted with permission from AdWeek. View the original article here.] Data is an influential and valuable asset for marketers, but responsible and ethical data stewardship is imperative for its success. GDPR has cast data practices even further into the spotlight, and many businesses continue to work around-the-clock to ensure […]

New LiveRamp Partners Roundup: Thunder and Drawbridge

We work with a multitude of platform and publisher partners to enable marketers to leverage identity across the digital and TV ecosystems. Our people-based marketing footprint is always growing and changing. Take a look at the latest round-up of new use cases with LiveRamp partners, all available as destinations in Connect. Thunder Thunder Experience Cloud […]

Four TV Targeting and Measurement Myths and Realities

[Editor’s note: This article has been reposted with permission from the ANA. View the original article here.] According to eMarketer, TV ad spend is north of $72 billion per year. But, what quantifiable effects do TV ads have on sales? Any marketer unable to answer that question isn’t alone. As with many aspects of marketing […]

Advertising Week 2018 in NYC Recap: Future-Proofing Your Organization

Another whirlwind Advertising Week has concluded in New York City. While the glitzy theater venue and a few industry celebrities – Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, and David Droga, among others – added glamour to this event, the attendees seemed unfazed. They were there to listen, learn, and connect with others.   What can we take […]

The New Economics of TV Advertising

[Editor’s note: This article has been reposted with permission from the ANA. View the original article here.] In the past, TV advertising’s value was obvious. Ask anyone “Where’s the beef?” or “Can you hear me now?” and chances are they’ll immediately associate those questions with Wendy’s and Verizon. But in the digital-first world, TV’s place […]