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Identity Services, Powering Marketing Platforms

Identity Services, Powering Marketing Platform Products

Brands are continuing to spend more of their budgets on use cases that leverage all of their offline and online data, advertise to real people across devices, and track their campaign performance across channels accurately and intelligently.   To bring these use cases to life, brands depend on platforms, which ...

How To Approach Data‑Driven Marketing: Share This

We recently interviewed Ann Kennedy, chief product officer at ShareThis, to discuss the power of data-driven marketing and how it drives better performance. ShareThis is a LiveRamp partner; its data is available through the IdentityLink™ data store feature. What are the biggest challenges digital marketers face today? Understanding how to reach consumers in an online, cross-device, ...

Defined: Demand Side Platform

A demand-side platform (DSP) automates the buying of display, video, mobile, and search ads for you. DSPs use algorithms to group all the rates of various networks together on a single platform, and is the control center that allows you to buy media that’s sold programmatically (which is the majority of digital advertising today). In ...