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Ad Targeting Definition

What is Ad Targeting? Picture a marksman, aiming her arrow at a target in the distance. Success for her is when that arrow successfully reaches its target, dead center. The concept of ad targeting in marketing is pretty much the same. You have a target (your customers), an arrow (your ad), and a mechanism for […]

Announcing LiveRamp’s Data Innovators Program

In bringing IdentityLink for data owners and the Data Store feature to market, we spoke to a world where anyone with digital consumer touch-points can be considered a “data owner.” IdentityLink provided them with the means of easily making that data available to support the people-based initiatives marketers want. As the data ecosystem grows, and […]

Skyhook Personas Now Available through LiveRamp IdentityLink Data Store

Location-based advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of mobile advertising, fueled by surging demand from brands and publishers to build a real connection with their audiences. Marketers know that targeting and personalization are even more powerful when fueled by comprehensive behavioral insights about their audiences. Utilizing a people-based marketing approach and […]

People-based search: segmentation meets intent

Targeting hasn’t always been search’s biggest strength. All you could really do was choose the right keywords and maybe use some demographic criteria for basic segmentation. Compared to the targeting available on social, display and email, that’s a pretty simplistic approach. You could get in front of people at the right time but you couldn’t […]

Customer retention with people-based search: old channel, new tricks

Customer retention can often come down to timing. If you can work out when their loyalty is wavering then hit them with an offer they can’t possibly refuse, you win. If you lease cars, you’d love to wave a new and improved contract under their nose just as they start considering a fresh set of […]

Look-alike Modeling: The What, Why, and How

Marketing teams with growing sales targets are always looking to reach larger audiences. Because of look-alike modeling’s ability to reach audiences beyond a marketer’s CRM, it is a solution every marketer wants in their toolbox. But what is this tool and how is it used? In this post, we pull back the curtain by exploring […]