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Secret To More Returning Customers Is People‑Based Search

Every business has fair-weather customers. The kind who buy from you once a year, once every few years or even once a decade. Convincing these customers to return is a real challenge. The problem is, they have short memories. They won’t necessarily recall how great your service was when they’re looking to buy something a […]

Data-Driven Marketing Events You Can’t Miss This Summer

We know that digital marketing is always evolving, and there are countless conferences which cover this evolution, so we’ve compiled a list of some upcoming events that we’d love to see you at! At these conferences, you will learn from industry leaders in the world of data-driven marketing, and if time permits, say “hi!” to […]

LiveRamp Announces IdentityLink for Publishers

People-based marketing is fulfilling the promise of programmatic: reaching real people in the right place at the right time. In fact, 84% of advertisers surveyed want to be able to run people-based marketing, and they want to be able to do it across all their digital channels. With publishers investing more heavily in newsletters, subscriber-only […]

Should you consider the IoT data in your marketing strategy?

Even a casual visitor to or your standard big box technology store would have noticed a particular development lately: an explosion of internet of things (IoT)-based products and services. In a nutshell, one could define this IoT expansion as the increasingly close integration of the online and physical worlds. Think of an alarm system […]

Retailers like CustomInk are making customers loyal with people-based search

[This article was originally posted by Digiday and has been reposted with permission. See the original post here.] Tools like Google Customer Match are lettings brands figure out how loyal their customers are in the search box. Along with Bing’s Custom Audiences, they are now part of the search marketing toolkit, the latest type of […]