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The silent revolution of search

[This article was originally posted on and has been reposted with permission. See the original post here.] Conventional wisdom within ad tech is that search is boring. In the display ecosystem, life is exciting: in the last decade alone, thousands of niche companies have emerged, nearly as many have folded, and major new technologies […]

The Rise of People-Based Marketing Strategies for Publishers

Publishers and advertisers have long worked together to bring interesting, relevant content to their audiences. Throughout this process, publishers learned a lot about their audience—what they like and what they’re like—and shared that with their brand marketers so that they could reach those audiences with their advertising. Traditionally, finding an audience off and online has […]

The Next Frontier of People-Based Marketing: Search

People-based marketing everywhere—that’s the CMO’s dream, and it’s becoming a reality. Marketers have been targeting real people in their display and social campaigns for years, but until Google Customer Match came along, people-based search wasn’t an option. Yet search is key, because it’s a smart way to spot and act on buying intent. Here’s what […]

5 Questions with Datorama CEO Ran Sarig

For this post, we sat down with the CEO & Cofounder of Datorama, Ran Sarig, to talk marketing intelligence, data centralization, recent advertising hot-button issues, and the new LiveRamp/Datorama partnership. Before #RampUp17, we were hearing a lot about transparency issues from top media spenders—and now post-event, we’re seeing big shake-ups in brand safety management in […]

Market Segmentation Definition: What is it and Why it Matters to Your Business

What is market segmentation? Market segmentation is dividing your target market into meaningful groups based on certain indicators like behavior, demographics, and preferences. Picture an audience of just ten people. One member is a single, working woman in her 30s, another is an affluent retired man, and yet another is a teenager just starting high […]