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Sales Data: the Bridge between Marketing and Finance

[Editor’s note: Thomas C. Noyes, Founder and CEO of Commerce Signals, was a speaker at RampUp 2017. We invited him to share his thoughts on data and marketing trends.] The business model of marketing is changing rapidly. Execution risk is shifting from advertiser to agency and publisher. Center to this movement is measurement and attribution […]

What is People-Based Marketing?

What is People-Based Marketing? ‘People-based marketing’ is a strange term. It manages to sound like both the holy grail of marketing and something quite obvious. That’s probably because, as a term, it pokes at an uncomfortable truth: Marketing is about people, but most marketers don’t reach people. Not because they don’t want to, but because […]

Lewis Gersh Declares Accountability the New King of Marketing Innovation

To follow up a successful #RampUp2017, we invited Lewis Gersh, CEO of PebblePost, the inventors of Programmatic Direct Mail®, to talk about the importance of remembering the human element in a digital world. What did you learn about marketing technology 2016 that you’re bringing to 2017? This isn’t something I learned so much as something […]

Best Tweets of #RampUp17

For #RampUp17, we welcomed over 2,000 marketers, data providers, tech platforms, and publishers to the Fairmont hotel to discuss what’s now and next for MarTech. Take a look at what they had to say. Want more? Here are the top trends and topics we spotted at #RampUp2017. Read more RampUp coverage in our blog.

RampUp 2017: Trends and Topics from MarTech’s Best

RampUp was a day of insights into the minds of today’s top marketers including a lot advice on how to handle an increasingly complex data and tech ecosystem. 1. Don’t Chase Shiny Things When choosing the tech that’s right for your stack, Deb Tomlin, CMO of CSAA Insurance Group, said that it was important to […]

RampUp Day One: Key Takeaways

It’s the first day of RampUp 2017 and what a day it’s been. Not only was #RampUp17 trending on Twitter, but a number of topics were also trending during today’s sessions. One of the biggest topics was how much data is in the marketplace and what to do with it. Chris Yatrakis, VP of Business […]