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How Cross-Channel Attribution Works

Attribution is the practice of tracking and valuing all marketing touch points that lead to a desired outcome. The expansion of marketing channels and tactics has left marketers asking, “what’s working and what’s not?” In our recent blog post, we analyzed the true definition of attribution and the various subcategories that relate to marketing measurement. Today, […]

LiveRamp Partner Spotlight with DataLab Digital Advertising

For our series on 1-to-1 marketing best practices, we reached out to Alex Aigner, COO at DataLab Digital Advertising, to learn more about how they leverage custom predictive models to boost new customer acquisition efforts. Can you give a brief overview of DataLab? We’re an addressable marketing consultancy that specializes in improving the data and […]

Defining Marketing Attribution Measurement

Measuring cross-channel marketing performance is difficult. In fact, according to a recent eMarketer study, 34% of marketers surveyed still rely on individual channel analysis and channel-specific metrics to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. Even more shocking, 35% admit to not using any sort of robust measurement technique. Add to the complex digital measurement landscape […]

LiveRamp Partner Spotlight with GumGum

We recently interviewed Ben Plomiom, CMO at GumGum. He brought his more than 15 years of experience in marketing, including branding, cross-channel marketing, and demand generation to answer our questions about GumGum and what he sees for the future of digital marketing. Can you give a brief overview of your company? GumGum is a computer […]

Customer Story: Sephora

Without LiveRamp, Sephora wouldn’t be able to judge the effectiveness of their digital campaigns. With data connectivity, Tom Sullivan, Senior Marketing manager, can measure the impact of every marketing dollar spent. He’ll tell you how in this short video. “I think working with LiveRamp… has made our team within Sephora seem like an innovator at […]

4 Questions You’ve Always Had About Ad Fraud, with Dr. Augustine Fou

Ad fraud is a hot topic among digital marketers right now—and for good reason. No marketer wants to serve their most compelling ads to fake viewers, wasting their budget and skewing their attribution. But what’s a digital marketer to do? We sat down with Dr. Augustine Fou, digital ad fraud researcher at Marketing Science Consulting […]