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Customer Story: Legendary Entertainment

In this video, Matt Meraldo, CAO at Legendary Entertainment, talks about how working with LiveRamp has almost doubled their engagement rate through people-based targeting. Now they can zero in on the right people and give them the right message for them. “It’s the most important piece of our display strategies so far.” Like this video? […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Questions You Should Ask About Match Rates

When researching much of the digital advertising ecosystem, you’re bound to hear the phrase “match rates.” The term seems simple at first, but did you know there’s no industry standard in calculating match rates? This can cause a lot of confusion when comparing match rates. For this blog, we’ll focus on defining offline-to-online matching and […]

How To Get Started with CRM Retargeting

It’s every marketer’s dream to provide the best interactions with their brand, so it’s no wonder that retargeting is one of the most important tools in the tool belt. In our previous retargeting blog post, we discussed the difference between standard retargeting and CRM retargeting in detail. To summarize that post, reaching customers or prospects […]

How Do I Know I’m Ready For Closed-Loop Measurement?

Last time, I walked you through what closed-loop measurement is. For this blog post, I’m going to read your mind… just kidding! I’m going to discuss some pretty common objections that we’ve heard from marketers like yourself who want to start with closed-loop measurement, but they (or their bosses) aren’t sure they’re ready. Is closed-loop […]