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The 2 Biggest Challenges for the Modern Marketer

We recently kicked off the Dallas leg of our spring RampUp on the Road series. Before the day began, I had the chance to chat with some of our guests and asked a digital marketing director, “What are some of your biggest challenges?” She answered, “Honestly, technology changes so fast. I can’t keep up. I […]

The Role of Purchase Data for Measurement

Dani Cushion, CMO at Cardlytics, is one of our favorites to work with. Cardlytics sees the value of identity in helping their clients target with relevance and measure the online-to-offline impact in their media campaigns. In this video she talks about how, their partnership with LiveRamp brings purchase intelligence to a whole host of different […]

LiveRamp Launches Partner Certification Program

At LiveRamp, we work with more than 300 online marketing platforms, allowing you unprecedented data connectivity. As with the rest of the ecosystem, more options can mean more complexity in choosing the right one. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Partner Certification Program. To see which partners excel at providing […]

One-to-One Marketing Strategies from Criteo

For our series on best practices for using data to improve one-to-one marketing strategies, we reached out to James Smith, EVP of the Americas at Criteo, to learn more about personalized marketing and retargeting programs. What’s the biggest challenge marketers face when it comes to one-to-one marketing and personalization? The biggest challenges are understanding how […]

What is Closed-Loop Measurement?

Marketers are always looking for ways to improve. It’s in our blood. The good news is, with the proliferation of data, digital marketers have never been in a better position to dig for insights and reap their benefits. Closed-loop measurement takes advantage of the customer data you’re sitting on, so you can understand how your […]