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LiveRamp Data Onboarding Now Available in the United Kingdom and France

Today we announced that our data onboarding service is now available in two international markets.  Global and local brands can now use LiveRamp to improve measurement, targeting, and 1-to-1 marketing in the United Kingdom and France.  Digital advertising is growing rapidly in these markets, creating a big opportunity for our clients and partners.   Global […]

One-to-one Marketing, Personalization, and People-Based Marketing Defined

Today’s consumers expect and demand tailored interactions that make it easier for them to complete transactions and make them feel valued as a customer. These interactions, or personalization efforts as they are commonly known in the marketing world, are believed to have a major impact on the overall success of marketing programs. They can take […]

Infographic: 6 Tips for Onboarding to Facebook

We recently published a blog providing 6 Tips for Onboarding to Facebook – it’s worth a read if you’re using (or want to use) LiveRamp and Facebook! However, since some of us are visual learners, we have this brand new infographic to visually walk you through how to make the most of using Facebook and LiveRamp.  

1-to-1 Marketing Best Practices from Monetate

For our series on best practices for using data to improve 1-to-1 marketing strategies, we reached out to Nathan Richter, Sr. Director of Strategy and Insights at Monetate, to learn more about website and mobile optimization: What kind of improvements have you seen for companies who personalize audience segments or even individual consumers? It’s a […]