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The State of People-Based Marketing

This was previously published by the DMA. It was just over two years ago that “people-based marketing” was introduced at Advertising Week. Since then, the term has become a rallying cry for brands. Given they compete on customer experience and want to build relationships with consumers, it is no surprise that brand marketers have been […]

Introducing LiveRamp IdentityLink

For years, LiveRamp has been known as the premier onboarding platform. When we first started, our mission was simple. Help marketers and the companies that support them connect offline data to the digital ecosystem. But in the past couple of years, “digital” has exploded–from just over 250 platforms in 2011, to over 3,500 in 2016. […]

What if Your Loyals Aren’t Really Loyal?

Guest blog post by Dani Cushion, CMO at Cardlytics. As marketers, we all aim to truly understand our customers. And, we’ve invested millions in CRM systems to help us know the ins and outs of how consumers spend within our stores. But, even with all of that knowledge, we still have a blind spot when it […]