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MediaMath Partners with LiveRamp to Incorporate CRM Data into Programmatic Media Buying

MediaMath, one of the industry’s leading media buying platforms, has partnered with LiveRamp to build a seamless programmatic buying experience using offline data. LiveRamp has onboarded data for over 65 brands to TerminalOne, MediaMath’s proprietary digital media, data management, and analytics platform. “MediaMath’s platform provides a powerful programmatic marketing solution for brands,” said Auren Hoffman, ...

Counterfeit coin

Suppose there are 12 identical-looking coins, of which 11 are real and 1 is counterfeit. It is only known that the counterfeit coin has a different weight than the real ones. With a balance scale and only 3 weighings, how can you identify the counterfeit coin and determine whether it is heavier or lighter ...