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Better marketing. Better results. Bigger impact.

Apply IdentityLink

Key benefits

  • 3rd Party Data

    Bring your data together

    Use IdentityLink™ to resolve everything from purchase and behavioral data to campaign impressions back to a consumer for an omnichannel view.

  • Identity Resolution

    Onboard data everywhere

    IdentityLink enables marketers and the companies they work with to execute people-based targeting, measurement, and personalization with our 500+ platform partners.

  • Data Monetization

    Monetize with ease

    Publishers, data owners, and platforms have a broader array of options for connecting their data together to encourage new data monetization opportunities.

Unlock the Power of People

We connect your data at the consumer level, so you can reach them with greater efficiency and impact on any channel.

  • “With LiveRamp, we’re able to capitalize on our first-party data in the digital marketing space.”

    Steve Ruschill, IT Director, Marketing & North American Strategy, Hallmark

  • "LiveRamp allows us to strengthen relationships with the people we care about and communicate in ways that are meaningful.”

    Dwight Pirtle, Internet Marketing Manager, Caesars Entertainment

  • "LiveRamp provides us today with about 200 different avenues of distribution. That’s how we take full advantage of our segments in the digital world.”

    Vitaly Tsivin, EVP, Business Intelligence, AMC Networks

  • “LiveRamp helps us connect data across environments that were previously separated completely.”

    Tom Sullivan, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Sephora

  • “LiveRamp is a phenomenal partner in enabling our clients to engage with their customers where and when they want to.”

    Dale Nitschke, CEO, Ovative

  • “LiveRamp is the key to helping us incorporate our different acquired platforms together in a single identity graph.”

    Doug Sharp, VP, Comms Engineering, Yahoo

IdentityLink: a platform to fit your needs

  • IdentityLink for agencies

    Persistent recognition of consumers across offline and digital data sets. More value for your clients.

  • IdentityLink for brands

    Understand the entire customer journey across devices, channels, and platforms. Create the optimal customer experience.

  • IdentityLink for data owners

    Seamless data flow makes your data easier to find, buy, and activate. Your data, in more places.

  • IdentityLink for platforms

    Wow your clients with fully integrated people-based marketing solutions in your platform.

  • IdentityLink for publishers

    Create people-based targeting solutions across your properties and start capturing the budgets you’ve been missing out on.