Advertising built on trust,
not on cookies

With the end of third-party cookies, online advertising is getting a much-needed reboot. Embracing this new vision of an ecosystem built on trust will be a win-win-win scenario for everyone.

How did we get here?

Not overnight—but over the last decade the industry grappled with a cause and effect waterfall.

Declining consumer trust

Driven by a lack of transparency on how their data was being used.

Passing privacy regulation

Government forcing organizations to change how they handle consumer data.

End of third-party cookies

Browsers restricting cookies for cross-site tracking creates a catalyst.

Hear from industry leaders as they look to maintain addressability without the use of cookies.


What does an ecosystem built on trust look like?

This new era is based on building stronger relationships through true value exchanges between advertisers, publishers, and individuals. This happens when brands and publishers create engaging content, experiences, or services that encourage individuals to identify themselves and opt in so they understand that their data is exchanged for the value they receive online.

Trusted Value Exchange between consumers, brands and publishers

Third-party cookies will expire before 2022. Download our e-book to learn how you can prepare your business and marketing strategy and evolve to survive this new paradigm.

How LiveRamp can help you

LiveRamp made an ongoing commitment to building and maintaining trust in the ecosystem. We’ve been developing and implementing products such as IdentityLink and our Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) to support a trusted ecosystem built to be neutral, privacy-centric, secure, and interoperable. Now you can leverage what we’ve built and commit to creating a better, open internet for all.

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