Addressable Reach without Cookies

Advertisers can achieve greater reach, more engaged audiences, better ROI, and lower CPMs with LiveRamp—all without cookies.

Today, advertisers can reach up to 3X larger targetable audiences with LiveRamp*

*compared to the cookie/device ID footprint of a major DSP

Advertisers: Get Started Today

Four ways LiveRamp can help ensure you are building and executing the most effective campaigns now, and in a cookieless world.

Unlock High-Value Audiences across All Browsers

Unlock High-Value Audiences across All Browsers

Safari and Firefox inventory is now addressable via LiveRamp's Authenticated Identity Infrastructure. As an early adopter, you can often access this vast inventory at lower CPMs and reach up to 3X larger targetable and more engaged audiences across all browsers—with or without cookies.

Achieve More Reliable Measurement

Achieve More Reliable Measurement

Measure every impression across exposed browsers and devices—including Safari, Firefox, and Chrome—to understand the effectiveness of your programmatic investment. Early adopters can take advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on newly available addressable inventory; set new benchmarks based on people-based IDs, not cookies; and deliver more reliable and precise measurement of marketing investment.

Create Parity between Your Advertising on Facebook & Google and the Open Web

Create Parity between Your Advertising on Facebook & Google, and the Open Web

Many brands have about 60% of their media spend bought and measured through Facebook, Google, and Amazon using their proprietary people-based IDs, but still use cookies to buy and measure on the open web. Our Authenticated Identity Infrastructure allows advertisers to execute media buys across the open web using a durable, people-based ID, unlocking new opportunities to execute true people-based strategies across all digital buys.

Maintain Embedded Privacy and Security Controls

Maintain Embedded Privacy and Security Controls

LiveRamp Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS) establishes identity through trusted and transparent first-party authentications consumers have with brands and publishers. This provides consumers with clear notice and choice on how their data is being used, as well as provides a persistent, people-based opt-out.

Ready to unlock high-value and engaged audiences without using cookies? Here’s an infographic to help you get started activating and measuring with LiveRamp today.

How LiveRamp can help you

LiveRamp has been developing and implementing products such as our Authenticated Traffic Solution for over three years—and identity solutions for much longer—to create the next generation of identity infrastructure. Over 400+ brands use our neutral, privacy-centric, and secure data connectivity platform to connect with the rest of the advertising ecosystem.

How LiveRamp can help