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    Own your future. Tap into groundbreaking strategies in data privacy, data ethics, and enterprise identity. Responsibly connect and power your entire business ecosystem.

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    Collaborate with confidence, wherever data lives – across any platform or cloud to minimize data movement. Support the widest possible range of data collaboration use cases.

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    Activate across the industry’s most expansive network of 650+ partners – including Disney, Hulu, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify, and TikTok – for unprecedented scale. Expand your reach – and potential.

Data collaboration is critical to growth

93 % of enterprises agree data collaboration is critical to driving revenue growth
81 % say it's important or critical to seek partners that have robust capabilities to connect data without relying on deprecated signals like third-party cookies
77 % seek experts in data ethics, consumer privacy, and advanced privacy-enhancing technologies

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consumer data strategy

Shed new light on your customers with access to the right data and partnerships

Limited first-party data limiting your customer understanding? Complete the picture with trusted new data sources and build a consumer data strategy that can grow with you.

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Enterprise Identity

Break down data silos with a consistent identity framework, customized to your rules

Customer data scattered across the business? Connect the dots with a unified, enterprise-wide customer view to ensure accuracy and protect privacy everywhere it matters.


Marketing Impact

Reach your most valuable customers wherever they are spending time, anywhere in the world

Struggling with signal loss? Step into the future with onboarding and activation that maximize marketing impact across the rapidly evolving advertising ecosystem.


Cross-Screen Measurement & Analytics

Understand your media performance in a whole new way

Puzzling over which media investments are actually working? Power strategic decisions across all forms of advertising, from social media and programmatic to CTV.


Media Networks

Build a high-performing media network

Ready to create more value from your first-party data? Unlock the brand-building power of media networks to fuel growth while deepening customer loyalty.


Clean Rooms

Gain actionable insights with clean room analytics

Signal loss and complex data silos? Easily access and measure advertising effectiveness across walled gardens, channels, and clouds.

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Our customers don’t just dream innovation, they own it.

Consumer Data Strategy

Danone boosts customer intelligence and reach

Danone partnered with retailers to augment its limited customer data, uncovering previously unavailable insights, optimizing activations, and propelling growth.


Enterprise Identity

NBCUniversal unites data globally to drive innovation

NBCUniversal leverages enterprise identity and internal data collaboration to see customers in a new light and power impactful innovation.


Marketing Impact

Pinterest connects brands with VIP customers

Pinterest uses data collaboration to help brand partners reach their ideal customers and deliver personalized experiences while proving out media investments.


Cross-Screen Measurement & Analytics

McDonald’s improves media measurement and ROI

McDonald’s created an enterprise-wide customer view, improving media performance and revealing new insights.


Media Networks

Sam’s Club fuels its flywheel with a media network

Sam’s Club evolved its rich first-party data into a media network, delighting members, strengthening partnerships, and fueling the business flywheel.