Reach your offline customers online -- safely, securely, and effectively.

LiveRamp is how offline gets online. With LiveRamp you can serve online display ads to your offline customer base, all while ensuring your CRM audience remains anonymous and secure. We call it CRM Retargeting.

LiveRamp makes your offline customer data actionable in online marketing. We help bring the rich and valuable assets of your offline databases online, creating greater precision and performance in online marketing and advertising. If you're an online Publisher, we help increase your CPM and create incremental revenue by powering more targeted and effective display campaigns.

We’re the only company focused solely on bringing your offline data online (including purchase history, direct mail, email campaigns, loyalty, and CRM). That’s all we do. And we work seamlessly with leading online ad networks and platforms.

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The emergence of 'data onlining' systems allows advertisers to bring the same targeted and measurable offline marketing techniques to the online world.

Why Marketers Should Bring Their Offline CRM Data Online