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Rice Krispies® Treats Kellogg’s To A 28% Sales Lift

Another holiday season is upon us and brands everywhere are looking for ways to kick the competition to the curb. That’s exactly what Rice Krispies® did in this Kellogg’s holiday mobile campaign powered by Opera Mediaworks, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and LiveRamp. Brand awareness? Check. Results at the register? Check. Competitive share shift? Check. Here’s ...
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How To Implement Ad Suppression in LiveRamp Connect

Our first blog on ad suppression defined the tactic in a digital advertising context. Our second on the topic highlighted the best practices we’ve seen from our customers. This blog post shows how you can use LiveRamp Connect to implement ad suppression through LiveRamp’s self-service dashboard. Steps We’ll Take: Use an example from a retail customer reactivation campaign ...

3 Different Ways Top Brand Marketers Choose Digital Suppression Segments to Save Millions in Ad Spend

As defined in our previous post, suppression is the tactic of removing specific consumer segments from a marketing campaign audience. With the advent of data onboarding, postal and email audiences can be used for ad suppression in digital channels. By connecting offline data to online channels for suppression, we see marketers saving millions in digital ad ...

Political Campaigns: The Art and Science of Reaching Voters

For political campaigns, the ultimate conversion is getting a vote. In business it’s getting a sale. Aside from this, the digital marketing strategies that work for voters and consumers have a lot in common. In a recent panel discussion, political advertising leaders discussed how they are increasingly using digital channels in their outreach efforts. Bringing ...

Digital Marketing High Five: Better Acquisition & Retention Strategies Through Data

There are many different triggers that we marketers can pull to impact and improve customer acquisition and retention. Everything from new offers, to personalized creative, to additional channels can help us get--and hold--our target customers’ attention. As we evaluate each of the options, it’s possible to utilize data to inform everything we do. And ...