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Political Campaigns: The Art and Science of Reaching Voters

For political campaigns, the ultimate conversion is getting a vote. In business it’s getting a sale. Aside from this, the digital marketing strategies that work for voters and consumers have a lot in common. In a recent panel discussion, political advertising leaders discussed how they are increasingly using digital channels in their outreach efforts. Bringing ...

Digital Marketing High Five: Better Acquisition & Retention Strategies Through Data

There are many different triggers that we marketers can pull to impact and improve customer acquisition and retention. Everything from new offers, to personalized creative, to additional channels can help us get--and hold--our target customers’ attention. As we evaluate each of the options, it’s possible to utilize data to inform everything we do. And ...

Overcoming Data Fragmentation – Chicago LiveRamp Roadshow

This fall, LiveRamp hits the road bringing together the top marketers in retail, financial services, publishing, political and advertising agencies, and data providers. Our goal: facilitating thought leadership about overcoming data fragmentation through compelling case studies, best practices, and informative sessions from industry analysts, our customers, and partner speakers. With Chicago as our first stop, ...
LiveRamp Partner Spotlight

LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: comScore

Customer Link has extended LiveRamp’s suite of open connectivity services and is creating new opportunities for brands to work with their preferred marketing applications. Today, we are diving into our partnership with comScore, a longtime partner of LiveRamp’s for data onboarding and a new partner for Customer Link. In this partner spotlight interview we’re ...
LiveRamp Partner Spotlight

LiveRamp Partner Spotlight: Analytic Partners

With the launch of Customer Link, a new LiveRamp Connect Service, we are excited to introduce you to some of our newest partners. Today, we’re talking with Analytic Partner’s Maggie Merklin, SVP to learn more about technology solutions Analytic Partners offers and how the partnership with LiveRamp enhances these solutions. About Analytic Partners Analytic Partners is a ...